The Sprung GmbH considers itself a service provider in the field of injection moulding tools.

We coordinate international knowledge and abilities in a cleverly networked manner for our customers’ benefit. Always on hand and with a global presence, we bring quality and efficiency together.
Continual analysis of international markets for tools and die makers has allowed us to source the best suppliers, who are aligned with the European quality standard right from the start and execute projects with precision on-site, while offering fine-tuned consultation.

This is how we optimize our environment and quality, which can then be directly passed on to our customers. Meticulous scheduling, time and again – proof, if any were needed, that we live up to our short delivery time pledge.
Leveraging our core competence, we constantly strive to optimize injection moulding tools such as to ensure they have the same positive effect on the customer’s value chain.

A flat hierarchy and a central point of contact are additional guarantees of absolute transparency.